Jan. 6th, 2017

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Never be cruel and never be cowardly. And if you ever are, always make amends.

Things end, that’s all. Everything ends, and it’s always sad. But everything begins again, too, and that’s always happy. 

Over the years, the Doctor thought he had learned some absolutes. Everything ends, and he hates endings. The one who holds the name of the Doctor must never be cruel or cowardly, and if he goes against that code, he can’t be the Doctor anymore.

But here we have Twelve, an idiot with a box who is passing through, learning. 

He holds himself to the standard of the Doctor, this mythical story he has surrounded himself with. On a good day, if he tries very hard, he’s as good as he’d like to be. But he’s cruel sometimes, and cowardly sometimes. He makes rash decisions and poor choices. But that doesn’t detract from all the good he has done. The important part in making a bad choice isn’t the fact that he made it, but the fact that he’s able to recognize it and do his best to fix it. The point isn’t that he is a good man, it’s that he tries to be.

He knows that things end, and he can let himself feel sad about that. But things don’t just end. The quiet beauty in endings is that something new is beginning, too.

I bet he had a really great teacher.
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The only sport I know anything about is Quidditch and its not even real
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We need to stop doing this

Coming in 2017: Tank Monkeys vs Nuclear Spiders

only on SyFy
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“Search him.”

The second time I watched tfa, this scene made me ask: does Poe know who Kylo Ren is? Does everyone in the Resistance know who he is? Is that what this is? like ‘I know your mom, I’m not afraid of you’? Because that’s exactly how I’d talk to this punk ass kid if that was the case.

I’m imagining members of the Resistance being captured by the First Order, and for months after Ben became Kylo Ren, they prefaced every interrogation/conversation with “CALL YOUR MOTHER, YOU PIECE SHIT,” or just heckling.

“Lightsabres aren’t supposed to sizzle like that! What a novice!”

“Oh my god, did you put two tiny sabres on either side of your actual lightsabre. Way to go, Captain Edgelord.”

“You don’t even need a respiratory mask, you hipster dumpster fire.”

“I didn’t realize we were in the presence of Darth Vader 2. Man, sequels are never as good as the original.”

“Nice cape, who picked that out for you, your mom? NO, SHE DIDN’T, BECAUSE I, POE DAMERON, AM HER SON NOW. BB-8 IS HER GRANDCHILD, AND YOU HAVE STUPID HAIR.”


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