Jan. 28th, 2017

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-She was prepared to turn herself in during her first year before Riddle kidnapped her

-She takes no shit from her brothers, nor does she let them get away with cruelty to others

-She taught herself Quidditch on “borrowed” brooms

-She is a first-rate hexer

-She kept her heart open after rejection, going out with other people

-She respected Harry’s choice to breakup, and didn’t make it harder for him, even though she didn’t agree

-On the other hand, she has zero issues pointing out when Harry behaves badly/foolishly

-She was the first one to be kind to Luna Lovegood, treating her with courtesy when others avoided her like the plague

-She is just as much of a sass master as Harry

-She joined Dumbledore’s Army, held her own at the Ministry, and helped to lead the resistance in Hogwarts during her sixth year

-She comforted an injured, likely dying student during the Battle of Hogwarts

-She was prepared to face down Bellatrix Lefuckingstrange

Conclusion: Ginny Weasley is a kind, brave, talented witch who deserves our respect.


Literally the fact that Ginny can trust people after Riddle listened to her secrets, became her only friend and then USED IT ALL TO POSSESS HER AND POTENTIALLY RUIN HER LIFE AND THE LIVES OF PEOPLE SHE CARES ABOUT blows my mind all of the time. she is so unbelievably strong and I love the hell out of her. especially as someone with trust issues who was not forced to kill chickens while essentially unconscious. 


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