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mcu meme  - 4/10 scenes.

It’s the unspoken truth of humanity that you crave subjugation.

I see this scene reblogged a lot off the one Hiddleston blog I follow, but it almost always ends with Loki’s “There are no men like me” line, which is completely missing the fucking point of the scene. And I get that it’s about the Hiddleslove, which is great, but it’s completely missing the fucking point of the scene. And it is a very important point.

This is one of my favourite moments in the whole MCU because of its incredible power and strength. This is not Captain America with his super soldier serum juice standing up to a god. This isn’t even a young man who might think he’s somehow got a chance against the prick with the horns. This is an old, old man who knows, who knows, that he’s probably going to die because of what he’s doing, but he is not going to kneel to another man like Hitler.

Maybe he did, seventy years ago. Maybe that’s why he would rather die now than remain on his knees. Maybe he *didn’t*. Maybe he fought against his own countrymen, because he wouldn’t kneel to a man like this. Maybe he’s always been one to stand up. Maybe he lost everything once because of it. Everything except his integrity, and maybe he’s ready to die instead of risking losing that now, at the end of his life. Maybe his integrity cost him so fucking much seventy years ago that he hopes he’s going to die for it now because he almost wishes he’d have died for it then, but if he’s going to die for it, he’s goddamn well going to die with it.

Maybe he’s a Holocaust survivor. Maybe he’s Jewish. Maybe he’s gay. Maybe he’s Romani. We don’t know.

We don’t know anything about this man, except he’s the bravest goddamn person in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

And that’s why it bothers me every time I see this scene go by with his response cut from it. Because it’s missing. the. point.
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This is the single greatest thing that’s ever been on this website.
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buffy summers appreciation week: day 4: favourite relationship(s)

I love these quotes
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Erasing Jews from the Holocaust is a deliberate ploy to eliminate responsibility for the past, and accountability for the present.

To everyone who was saying Trump’s statement was just intended to be ~more inclusive~ and we were overreacting: eat shit.

When literal nazis agree with you, you are doing it wrong.
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Class Appreciation Week, Day 3: Favourite Villain or Alien

“My army. I’ve sent them into shadow.”

Appearances are tricky. Creatures of spring can be full of danger. Flowers can have teeth. April is far from nice - she chooses to be kind, to prevent the darkness from festering in her, to keep from being broken by a world which hasn’t been kind to her. Through the impossible, through the violence they have witnessed, she had so much strength to give. Pieces of serenity, that she earned on her path till there.

It takes a pair of scimitars to bring her off-balance. Corakinus’ rage is theatrical but projected through April the effect is striking. How much does this anger reveal about herself? How much anger has she hidden within herself, against her father and what happened to her and her mother? Does Corakinus’ temper tantrum against supposed cowardice resemble April’s own resentment of being perceieved as weak and breakable? The scariest villains can sit inside ourselves, in our own hearts, shared or not. Old injuries are healed, but only through darkness, no consent asked or given. The world is saved, but only through genocide committed by a dark army, ordered by their new King. A day filled with of short-lived, flawed triumphs.

Watch out for pretty things. They might be more complicated than you think. And they might bite.
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for chinese new year they get all these famous actors and comedians together and they do a lil show and one of the comedians was like “i was in a hotel in america once and there was a mouse in my room so i called reception except i forgot the english word for mouse so instead i said ‘you know tom and jerry? jerry is here’

jerry is here

my chinese teacher once shared this story in class about someone who went to the grocery to buy chicken, but they forgot the english word for it, so they grabbed an egg, went to the nearest sales lady and said “where’s the mother”

When I was a teenager, we went to Italy for the summer holidays. We are German, neither of us speaks more than a few words of Italian. That didn’t keep my family from always referring to me when they wanted something translated because “You’re so good with languages and you took Latin”. (I told them a hundred times I couldn’t order ice cream in Latin, they ignored that.) Anyway, my dad really loved a certain cheese there, made from sheep’s milk. He knew the Italian word for ‘cheese’ – formaggio – and he knew how to say ‘please’. And he had already spotted a little shop that sold the cheese. He asked me what ‘sheep’ was in Italian, and of course, I had no idea. So he just shrugged and said “I’ll manage” and went into the shop. 5 mins later, he comes out with a little bag, obviously very pleased with himself.
How did he manage it? He had gone in and said “'Baaaah’ formaggio, prego.”

I was done for the day.

This makes me feel better about every conversation I had in both Rome and Ghent.

I once lost my husband in the ruins of a French castle on a mountain, and trotted around looking for him in increasing desperation. “Have you seen my husband?” I asked some French people, having forgotten all descriptive words. “He is small, and English. His hair is the color of bread.”

I did not find my husband in this way.

In rural France it is apparently Known that one brings one’s own shopping bags to the grocery store. I was a visitor and had not been briefed and had no shopping bag. I saw that other people were able to conduct negotiations to purchase shopping bags, but I could not remember the word for “bag.”

“Can I have a box that is not a box,” I said.

The checkout lady looked extremely tired and said, “Un sac?” (A sack?)

Of course. A fucking sack. And so I did get a sack.

I once was at a German-American Church youth camp for two weeks and predictably, we spoke a whole lot of English. 

When I phoned my mom during week two I tried to tell her that it was a bit cold in the sleeping bag at night. I stumbled around the word in German because for the love of god, I could remember the Germwn word for sleeping bag.

“Yeah so, it’s like a bag you sleep in at night?”

“And my mother must probably have thought I lost my mind. She just sighed and was like ‘So, a Schlafsack, yes?”

Which is LITERALLY Sleeping sac … The German word is a basically a one on one translation of the English word and I just… I failed it. At my mother tongue. BIG

My former boss is Italian and she ended up working in a lab where the common language was English. She once saw an insect running through the lab and she went to tell her colleagues. She remembered it was the name of a famous English band so she barged in the office yelling there was a rolling stone in the lab…

I’m Spanish and have been living in the UK for a while now. I recently changed jobs and moved to a new office which is lost somewhere in the Midlands’ countryside. It’s a pretty quaint location, surrounded by forest on pretty much all sides, and with nice grounds… full of pheasants. I was pretty shocked when I drove in and saw a fucking pheasant strolling across the road. Calm as you please.

That afternoon I met up with some friends and was talking about the new job, and the new office, and for the life of me I couldn’t remember the English word for pheasants. So I basically ended up bragging to my friends about “the very fancy chickens” we had outside the office.

Best thing is, everyone understood what I meant.

I love those stories so much…

Picture a Jewish American girl whose grasp of the Hebrew language comes from 10+ years of immersion in Biblical and liturgical Hebrew, not the modern language. Some words are identical, while others have significantly evolved.

She gets to Israel and is riding a bus for the very first time.

American: כמה ממון זה? (”How much money?” but in rather archaic language)

Bus Driver: שתי זוזים. (”Two zuzim” – a currency that’s been out of circulation for millenia)

that’s hilarious

I am officially screamlaughing at my desk from that last one OH MY 

Does everyone know the prime minister who promised to fuck the country?

So in Biblical Hebrew the word for penis and weapon are the same. There is a verb meaning to arm, which modern Hebrew semanticly drifted into “fuck”: i.e. give someone your dick.

The minister was making a speech while a candidate, bemoning the state of the world. “The Soviet Union is fucking Egypt. Germany is fucking Syria. The Americans are fucking everyone. But who is fucking us? When I am prime minister, I will ensure we are fucked!”

What the hell Biblical Hebrew.

Just guessing: The path from something like “give someone a blade” to “give someone a blade, if you know what I mean ;)” is probably not that difficult or unlikely.

^Given that the Latin word for sheath (like, for a sword) is literally “vagina”, I can verify that this metaphor is a time-honored one. 

Oh yeah and one time my Latin professor was at this conference in Greece and his flight was canceled, so he needed to extend his hotel stay by one more night.

Except he doesn’t speak a lick of modern Greek, and the receptionist couldn’t speak English.  Or French.  Or German.  Or Italian.  (He tried all of them.)

Finally, in a fit of inspiration, he went upstairs and got his copy of Medea in the original Greek (you know, the stuff separated from modern Greek by two and a half thousand years).  He found the passage where Medea begs Jason to let her stay for one more day, went downstairs, and read it to the receptionist.

She laughed her head off, but she gave him the extra night.  


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