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Well, some way…gee, let me think…

Of course it did. It was a risky move, and one in which he put Bill in a situation she expressed discomfort at being put in and which all her fears came to pass and more.

Yes, Bill pulls through. Yes, Missy’s intent was pure. But that doesn’t mean there weren’t consequences. Of course there were. Everything’s different now. As the story told us from the first scene, this event is the death of this Doctor. What’s more, it puts Bill through a ton of trauma, ditches Nardole, and sends Missy to a very dark fate.

But, the thing is, why should it have to bite him? Why should characters have to be punished for hoping and for believing in other people? Sure, that can happen in real life, but that’s not the ethos of Doctor Who, generally, and certainly not the ethos of this era. Like Moffat said, he believes in happy endings, Doctor Who doesn’t need to join the many miserable stories in the world. And as Sarah Dollard said about Face the Raven, “I really hope no one comes away from ep10 thinking that Clara’s death was punishment for hubris. Clara’s confidence wasn’t excessive, it was brilliant. She was brilliant. The tragedy of Clara’s death isn’t that she overreached. After all, she saved Risgy, didn’t she? No, the tragedy of her death is that even the bravest and cleverest of humans are breakable, and the Doctor is not.” And, in the end, Clara is triumphant. She takes control of her story again. That’s Doctor Who. Not realistic, but aspirational.

That’s how it works. There are real, tangible, harrowing consequences to the events in World Enough and Time and The Doctor Falls. But that doesn’t you need a great big poetic punishment, no more than Clara did. For trying to save lives and for believing in people, why on earth would people need to be punished? No, it’s far more powerful if, through tears and love and perserverance through the darkest hour, striving to be good and kind, there’s the hope of a little triumph.
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