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when countries do not take responsibility for their part in the holocaust it’s actually so much shittier than if they would just own up to their past. because it makes me think, hmm. if they’re going to ignore their past then will they repeat it? 

how is Poland supposed to take responsibility for Hitler’s actions?? just because some of the concentration camps were located in Poland does not make them “polish death camps”. the Nazis built them on the territory of Poland but that’s because Poland was under the Nazis’ occupation not because polish people were involved in holocaust, and even if so, they were mostly killed in those concentration camps. Now I’m not saying that polish people are completely innocent, because let’s face it , it was war and everyone did what they had to in order to survive, but putting the blame for something Hitler and his sympathizers had done on polish people is not okay and unfair.

I’m so glad you asked. 

Yes, a huge amount of Polish people died. But the ones that didn’t? They were the ones turning in Jews. Individual Poles benefited greatly from the Holocaust, gaining property and safety in turn for turning Jews over to be murdered. And yes, they knew what was happening. They knew where these Jews were going. These were their neighbors and they said, here they are. Take them. 

Poles have long denied their cooperation with Nazis, but while they may deny it, history tells the story. Poles hated Jews long before Nazis came knocking.

In some towns, Nazis barely had to do anything. Poles enacted their own pogroms, like in Jedwabne in 1941. 

After the war, in 1946, in Kielce, 42 Jews were murdered. At that point, most Polish Jews got the fuck out of there. Because I don’t know how the hell you argue that Poles weren’t complicit and didn’t share Nazi antisemitism when they’re murdering Jews after the Holocaust. 

And before you say, Poles had to cooperate, it may interest you to know some countries resisted. Denmark, for example. Most of Denmark’s police did not cooperate with Nazis. 

So I’m not putting unfair blame on Poles when I say that if they had not cooperated, more Jews would have survived. A lot more Jews. As it is, we’ve yet to reach pre-Holocaust levels.

lemme make shit clear to you, Polish people paid the ugly price for denying cooperation with Germans before the war, they were put in concentration camps because of their nationality, not their religious beliefs. The Germans asked whether Poland would cooperate with them on starting the war with Russians and we said no. That’s the direct cause of Gleiwitz provocation which I’m sure you’re aware of. We had to pay the price for not wanting to cooperate with the Nazis. So go educate yourself and stop spreading shit about Poles, cause we along the Jews are the true victims of this war

You don’t have to “make shit clear to me” I’m perfectly aware Poland initially did not cooperate with Germany. But during the war Poles and government agencies collaborated with the Nazis.

I’m not saying Nazis liked Poles, they hated them. But they were never going to try to wipe them off the planet like they wanted to wipe polish Jews off the planet.

I’m not really talking about pre-war and early war Poland, but if you’d like to let’s talk about Jedwabne 1941.

Poles hunted Jews without Nazi help. Makes it a little hard for you all to claim total victim status when you all were not only assisting genocide, you all were taking such wonderful initiative.

If we’re talking about civilian casualties, the Soviet Union had way, way more than Poland. Poles were not systematically targeted for genocide in the way Jews and Roma people were, so no, you all aren’t the true victims of the war. You all aren’t struggling to return to pre-war populations, we are. Thanks for proving my point about so many Poles totally disregarding history.

and YOU tell me that MY people were cooperating with Germans? The same women, children and men who were taken out of their homes in the middle of the night, beaten to death, raped and finally taken to the concentration camps. THESE PEOPLE WERE NOT JEWS. They were hurt like this because of the sick needs and wants of THE OCCUPANT. they loved your people like they loved their own. you were our family so may you please stop making the NATZI CONCENTRATION CAMPS ABOUT POLAND AND INVOLVEMENT OF POLISH PEOPLE IN CREATING SUCH HORROR CAUSE ITS SIMPLY NON EXISTENT? those Jews killed after war? they were suspecting they’re keeping polish children. they were scared of the next generation of our people who could recreate the country we were. thanks for your attention and involvement in this discussion. have a nice evening.

I am telling you, plain and simple, that when it came to murdering your Jewish population, the vast majority of your people cooperated with the Nazis. They did, it’s indisputable historical fact. Just look at Dabrowa Tarnowska, a microcosm of the way the Polish people treated their Jewish neighbors during the war- they betrayed them whenever they could, and often enough they didn’t even need any provocation to do so from the Germans- you people were perfectly willing to kill us on your own. 

We were never your family. Poland made that perfectly clear that it never considered its Jews to be true Poles. And your fucking use of blood libel as an excuse for post-war pogroms makes it all the more clear that nothing at all has changed since then. Nothing about your damnable country was ever worth recreating. Please, don’t have a nice day.  

well thanks for making me an antisemite now. I was stating my point and my opinion and you’re just being rude towards me.

@grande-bourgeoisie: Incites blood libel and rewrites Polish history to excuse the murder of Jews. Also @grande-bourgeoisie: How dare you call me anti-Semite OMG you Jews are so rude???

Poland has done a lot to erase their complicity in the Holocaust from their national consciousness. I’ve been to Poland. Everywhere there are monuments commemorating the massacres of Catholics and the like during WWII, but little to nothing at Jewish ghost towns and sites of mass graves.

What really got to me was when we were visiting one of the worst Polish labor/death camps, I don’t remember what it was called, and our guide called our attention to the fence surrounding the camp. A large city had its limits probably about 100 yards from it, maybe less. Well within view of what was going on there. Every Pole who lived in that city would be able to see into the camp as they went about their business every day. And they did nothing. Hundreds of thousands died in that camp.

They did nothing. Like we’ve been saying, their complicity has been erased from the national consciousness in the face of their own victimhood.
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