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Here’s the first of what will likely be many portraits of the 13th Doctor. Couldn’t be more excited for this. I’ve long argued that the part should be cast to someone who the showrunner wants to work with and write for, regardless of race or gender. Chibnall has a lead that he knows well and loves to work with - this puts the 13th Doctor on excellent footing for season 11. Also, Whittaker is an excellent actor. This is the first time that a new Doctor is someone I’m already a big fan of. So yeah, great choice. As much as I’ll miss Capaldi, I don’t think I can be any more excited about 13.

For those that are upset that the Doctor is female: you can take comfort in the fact that a master chauvinist is President, so you know…your sexist world view is still sadly relevant. But really, get over it. The Doctor is the Doctor, regardless of who takes the role. Also, Michelle Gomez proved that a male-dominant role can be owned by a female actor.
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