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@ any goyim who are flipping out over trump’s Poland speech

jews have been telling you from Day 1 how dangerous trump’s nationalism is. DAY ONE. he hired far right people and there were records suggesting his dad was a fucking klu klux klan member. and ya’ll are shocked, just shocked.

no. you all wouldn’t be shocked if you had just listened to us from the fucking beginning. 

@optimistic-pessimisms In the speech trump mentions the pope, a nation under G-d, and so many other things that makes it clear that while he references the Warsaw uprising, he understands nothing about Jews in Poland. he’s celebrating the Christians in charge and Jews are a relic of the past to him. He erases the fact that poles were extremely willing to cooperate with Germany and that the polish home army was protecting poles, not necessarily Jews. He doesn’t understand the warsaw uprising or the pogroms. He’s talking about white Christians banding together against the “other.”

Everything always has to be about fucking Jews apparently

There are currently about 7500 Jews in Poland, that’s about 0,02%, two hundreths of a percent of the population. Not really the most important topic.

In the 1930s Jews were about 10% of the Polish population.  I WONDER WHAT HAPPENED.

Poles: *Aid in the murder of 3,000,000 Polish Jews (90% of all Jews in Poland)*

Jews: *Ask Poles to recognize their crimes and make amends*

Poles: Why does everything have to be about the fucking Jews? Who cares about Jews, anyway? There are hardly any of you here.
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“This past Shabbat in Toronto, an LGBT Jewish group was having a Pride dinner. It was a regular old Shabbat dinner, nothing political but that fact that it was LGBT-affirming. They were attacked by anti-Israel protestors. Don’t let people tell you that anti-Zionism has nothing to do with antisemitism, because Jews are always the target of anti-Zionist nonsense.”
- Nadiya Al-Noor
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But seriously, please remember Kristallnacht. Please remember November 9th, 1938, the Night of Broken Glass.

I googled what this was… the first result:

Vandals destroy shop windows and graffiti anti-Semitic slurs in Philadelphia on 78th anniversary of Kristallnacht

I’m so sorry to bring this to attention, though it’s important

Please don’t feel bad for bringing it to attention, Jewish Tumblr has been talking about it and trying to get people to pay attention. Outside of Jewish bloggers this stuff usually gets ignored

On November 8th, 1938 my grandmother, my great grandparents, and her two cousins boarded a boat to the US using one of the last legal visas issued to Jews before WW2. The next day, Kristallnacht happened. They broke the glass on my great-grandfathers former store, they burned down their synagogue, they destroyed the culture of my family and my jewish heritage. Years later they killed my great aunt and uncle. 

Now 78 years later, they come to the city i live in and draw swastikas and break glass. I have devoted my life to Jewish culture, to the rabbinate, to my people. Now this is the era I live in. 


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