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via Knowing "Zio" is a Slur is an Indictment, Not a Defense:



The Chicago Dyke March, an alternative to Chicago Pride that is meant to have a more “social justice” orientation, caught a heap of bad press when it expelled several Jewish marchers for carrying rainbow Jewish pride flags featuring a Star of David on them. The march has defiantly resisted any and all calls to apologize, and insisted that it was only being “critical of Israel” (isn’t everything?).
Yesterday, it popped back into the antisemitism news beat by posting a tweet: “Zio tears replenish my electrolytes!” “Zio” is an antisemitic slur popularized by David Duke; even the milquetoast Chakrabarti Inquiry into antisemitism in Labour agreed it was a racist term (and St. Jeremy Corbyn himself agreed: “‘Zio’ is a vile epithet that follows in a long line of earlier such terms that have no place whatsoever in our party.”).
The March is defending itself from renewed antisemitism allegations by saying it “Definitely didn’t know the violent history of the term.”
They mean this as a defense. It’s actually an indictment. Let me explain why.
I’ll accept, for sake of argument, that the Chicago Dyke March did not “know” the term “Zio” was antisemitic. Nonetheless, the March almost certainly did not stumble across the term “Zio” by accident. It got it from somewhere, from sources it felt confident enough in that it felt comfortable emulating. In other words, one of the ways the Chicago Dyke March learned to speak about matters of Jewish concern was from people who think it is okay to toss around terms like “Zio.” The odds that everything else it learned about those matters from this same social network was magically uninfected by this obvious antisemitism is incredibly scant. It’s the thirteenth (or in this case fourteenth, or fifteenth, or seventieth) chime that calls into question the other twelve.
There are many places in this country where people grow up hearing racial slurs that they don’t “know” are derogatory – they’re “just what people say.” When they move into the wider world and use such terms, they sometimes claim ignorance – and in some sense, they might be right. But the implication of their apologia is that not that they are free from racism – far from it. It’s that they grew up in an environment where racism was so normalized that they didn’t even know how to recognize it. Such a situation demands some very hard work of unlearning, of radically questioning one’s own presuppositions and acknowledging that one needs to acquire substantial new information before one can feel confident in one’s ability to relate to the other group in an ethical manner.
But let’s give the Dyke March even further benefit of the doubt. Suppose they somehow magically stumbled upon “Zio” through entirely innocent means – nobody in their social network was using it, they came up with it all be their creative selves. Even still, all that would demonstrate is that they don’t know crucial information about a subject they nonetheless feel fully confident to opine on. Put another way, if they didn’t “know” that “Zio” was antisemitic, shouldn’t the next question be “what else don’t we know?”I’ve long thought that the heart of oppression as a discursive practice is a perceived entitlement to talk about a group without knowing about the group. The Chicago Dyke March pleads ignorance about Jews and antisemitism, but that ignorance in no way dissipates their belief that they are absolutely entitled to talk about Jews and Jewish institutions however they want and be treated as credible and legitimate entrants to the discussion. It’s not a valid move. If you don’t know enough about Jews or antisemitism to know that “Zio” is an antisemitic term, then you don’t know enough to be confident that any of your other opinions about Jews or antisemitism are worthwhile.The Dyke March, in short, wants the innocence of ignorance without the responsibility. It wants to be able to say, on the one hand, “we didn’t know that this term we used was a prominent antisemitic slur”, while on the other hand it equally wants to say “we do know that in all other cases everything else we’ve said or done vis-a-vis Jews is entirely above-board and not antisemitic.” They can only have the first if they’re willing to disturb the second.

A follow-up to the earlier discussion on my tumblr about the Dyke March and the Jewish Pride flags. 
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when countries do not take responsibility for their part in the holocaust it’s actually so much shittier than if they would just own up to their past. because it makes me think, hmm. if they’re going to ignore their past then will they repeat it? 

how is Poland supposed to take responsibility for Hitler’s actions?? just because some of the concentration camps were located in Poland does not make them “polish death camps”. the Nazis built them on the territory of Poland but that’s because Poland was under the Nazis’ occupation not because polish people were involved in holocaust, and even if so, they were mostly killed in those concentration camps. Now I’m not saying that polish people are completely innocent, because let’s face it , it was war and everyone did what they had to in order to survive, but putting the blame for something Hitler and his sympathizers had done on polish people is not okay and unfair.

I’m so glad you asked. 

Yes, a huge amount of Polish people died. But the ones that didn’t? They were the ones turning in Jews. Individual Poles benefited greatly from the Holocaust, gaining property and safety in turn for turning Jews over to be murdered. And yes, they knew what was happening. They knew where these Jews were going. These were their neighbors and they said, here they are. Take them. 

Poles have long denied their cooperation with Nazis, but while they may deny it, history tells the story. Poles hated Jews long before Nazis came knocking.

In some towns, Nazis barely had to do anything. Poles enacted their own pogroms, like in Jedwabne in 1941. 

After the war, in 1946, in Kielce, 42 Jews were murdered. At that point, most Polish Jews got the fuck out of there. Because I don’t know how the hell you argue that Poles weren’t complicit and didn’t share Nazi antisemitism when they’re murdering Jews after the Holocaust. 

And before you say, Poles had to cooperate, it may interest you to know some countries resisted. Denmark, for example. Most of Denmark’s police did not cooperate with Nazis. 

So I’m not putting unfair blame on Poles when I say that if they had not cooperated, more Jews would have survived. A lot more Jews. As it is, we’ve yet to reach pre-Holocaust levels.

lemme make shit clear to you, Polish people paid the ugly price for denying cooperation with Germans before the war, they were put in concentration camps because of their nationality, not their religious beliefs. The Germans asked whether Poland would cooperate with them on starting the war with Russians and we said no. That’s the direct cause of Gleiwitz provocation which I’m sure you’re aware of. We had to pay the price for not wanting to cooperate with the Nazis. So go educate yourself and stop spreading shit about Poles, cause we along the Jews are the true victims of this war

You don’t have to “make shit clear to me” I’m perfectly aware Poland initially did not cooperate with Germany. But during the war Poles and government agencies collaborated with the Nazis.

I’m not saying Nazis liked Poles, they hated them. But they were never going to try to wipe them off the planet like they wanted to wipe polish Jews off the planet.

I’m not really talking about pre-war and early war Poland, but if you’d like to let’s talk about Jedwabne 1941.

Poles hunted Jews without Nazi help. Makes it a little hard for you all to claim total victim status when you all were not only assisting genocide, you all were taking such wonderful initiative.

If we’re talking about civilian casualties, the Soviet Union had way, way more than Poland. Poles were not systematically targeted for genocide in the way Jews and Roma people were, so no, you all aren’t the true victims of the war. You all aren’t struggling to return to pre-war populations, we are. Thanks for proving my point about so many Poles totally disregarding history.

and YOU tell me that MY people were cooperating with Germans? The same women, children and men who were taken out of their homes in the middle of the night, beaten to death, raped and finally taken to the concentration camps. THESE PEOPLE WERE NOT JEWS. They were hurt like this because of the sick needs and wants of THE OCCUPANT. they loved your people like they loved their own. you were our family so may you please stop making the NATZI CONCENTRATION CAMPS ABOUT POLAND AND INVOLVEMENT OF POLISH PEOPLE IN CREATING SUCH HORROR CAUSE ITS SIMPLY NON EXISTENT? those Jews killed after war? they were suspecting they’re keeping polish children. they were scared of the next generation of our people who could recreate the country we were. thanks for your attention and involvement in this discussion. have a nice evening.

I am telling you, plain and simple, that when it came to murdering your Jewish population, the vast majority of your people cooperated with the Nazis. They did, it’s indisputable historical fact. Just look at Dabrowa Tarnowska, a microcosm of the way the Polish people treated their Jewish neighbors during the war- they betrayed them whenever they could, and often enough they didn’t even need any provocation to do so from the Germans- you people were perfectly willing to kill us on your own. 

We were never your family. Poland made that perfectly clear that it never considered its Jews to be true Poles. And your fucking use of blood libel as an excuse for post-war pogroms makes it all the more clear that nothing at all has changed since then. Nothing about your damnable country was ever worth recreating. Please, don’t have a nice day.  

well thanks for making me an antisemite now. I was stating my point and my opinion and you’re just being rude towards me.

@grande-bourgeoisie: Incites blood libel and rewrites Polish history to excuse the murder of Jews. Also @grande-bourgeoisie: How dare you call me anti-Semite OMG you Jews are so rude???

Poland has done a lot to erase their complicity in the Holocaust from their national consciousness. I’ve been to Poland. Everywhere there are monuments commemorating the massacres of Catholics and the like during WWII, but little to nothing at Jewish ghost towns and sites of mass graves.

What really got to me was when we were visiting one of the worst Polish labor/death camps, I don’t remember what it was called, and our guide called our attention to the fence surrounding the camp. A large city had its limits probably about 100 yards from it, maybe less. Well within view of what was going on there. Every Pole who lived in that city would be able to see into the camp as they went about their business every day. And they did nothing. Hundreds of thousands died in that camp.

They did nothing. Like we’ve been saying, their complicity has been erased from the national consciousness in the face of their own victimhood.
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via International Rejects Motion to Fight Anti-Semitism at Annual Conference:


Amnesty International is under fire after rejecting a resolution that called on it to campaign against anti-Semitism in Britain. The motion, which failed by a vote of 468-461, was the only resolution rejected at the organization’s entire annual conference this past week.

“Our membership decided not to pass this resolution calling for a campaign with a single focus,” Amnesty UK press officer Neil Durkin told the Jewish Chronicle. But it quickly emerged that the organization had devoted an extensive report exclusively to anti-Muslim discrimination in Britain as recently as 2012, raising the question of why the same could not be done for Jews.

Amnesty’s move has drawn criticism from progressives to conservatives, including the resolution’s originator, Andrew Thorpe-Apps, who submitted the motion out of concern over anti-Semitic incidents in the U.K., which have reached a record high. Thorpe-Apps called for Amnesty to back the recommendations of the British government’s own All-Party Parliamentary Group Against Anti-Semitism, which in February released a report documenting an alarming rise in anti-Jewish incidents, and outlined steps to combat them.

“I’m not Jewish myself,” he told the Jewish Chronicle, “but I’ve been appalled by what I’ve seen in the press facing the Jewish community, and an organization like Amnesty should really add their voice to that as they do with other human rights issues.”

This is not the first time Amnesty has courted controversy when it comes to Jews, suggesting, perhaps, an ambivalence towards the issue. Last November, Amnesty declined to penalize a top employee—UK campaigns manager Kristyan Benedict—who likened Israel to ISIS on Twitter, employing the hashtag #JSIL (“Jewish State in the Levant”), a favorite of anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists. At the time, Amnesty told the media that the incident was being “investigated internally,” yet there have been no consequences of that investigation to date.

Amnesty was founded in 1961 by a Jew, Peter Benenson. As a youth, one of his earliest human rights campaigns—touted by Amnesty’s own branches—was collecting £4,000 from friends and family to bring two young Jews to Britain from Nazi Germany in 1939.

One wonders what he would think of his organization’s actions today.
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I don’t know how to explain to goyim that calling out anti-Semitism is not about hurt feelings or crocodile tears and everything to do with the fear of history repeating itself in the form of angry mobs hellbent on attacking Jewish people.

I don’t know how to explain that I am not calling Jay-Z out because I want to silence Black artists; I’m calling him out because I’m genuinely afraid that his false accusation about Jews owning all the property in America will result in people across the nation blaming Jews for the evils of the world and then inciting pogroms (violent mob attacks) against Jewish people.

I don’t know how to explain that I’m not calling out CDM because I don’t care about the liberation of Palestinians; I’m calling them out because I’m worried that if we allow non-Jews to police our beliefs and define for us what our ancient symbols mean, that it could ultimately lead to any displays of public Jewishness being deemed questionable or offensive, which could eventually end in violence against any Jews who are openly Jewish at public events.

I don’t know how to explain to goyim that nearly every Jewish person in the world either grew up with a relative who had to flee their home in the middle of the night because of this type of violence, or they actually experienced this trauma themselves. I don’t know how to tell them that this is an ingrained trauma in almost every existing Jewish family, and that it has been repeated every few generations across the globe since we entered the Diaspora nearly 2,000 years ago.

I don’t know how to explain that when people say almost the exact types of things that were shouted at my relatives by white Russian nationalists as they burned their villages to the ground that it doesn’t matter if you say you’re a progressive or an anti-racist, or you’re also marginalized in some way, because all I hear are the same words people have said to Jews for centuries before physically assaulting them, and I’m worried you’re going to eventually going to assault me, too.

I don’t know how to explain that if goyim read our history they might understand that we Jews have been used as scapegoats for the world’s evils everywhere on the planet from Lithuania to Ethiopia, and that regardless of our standing in society or our level of assimilation, that it’s always ended with our expulsion or murder or both.

I don’t know how to explain that I’m not trying to be petty or “take up space in the movement,” or draw attention away from other causes, but that I’m only asking for you to examine your words and actions now, while I still hope there’s time to pull out the seeds of anti-Semitism that have been planted, because I am literally afraid that if I don’t, you or somebody like you will ultimately be at my doorstep shouting “It’s their fault! Get them! Kill the Jews!”

I don’t know how to explain that I’m afraid you might believe the vitriol behind your words one day enough to kill me.
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via Jewish Feminists, New Set Of Minefields:





Sarsour’s interview was prompted in large part by an article penned by Emily Shire, a journalist and editor living in New York who covers feminism and politics. Last week, Shire, 27, who grew up in a Conservative household in a New York suburb, wrote an op-ed for The New York Times about her conflicted Zionist and feminist identities. The article — headlined “Does Feminism Have Room for Zionists?” — was prompted by the controversial platform of the Women’s Strike and the involvement of Odeh.

Speaking to The Jewish Week the day after her piece was published, Shire said the “outrage and negative comments” she received in response to the article were “unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before.

“I received my first-ever comment from someone wishing I would die,” she said. Though she received significant positive feedback to the article as well — many praised her for being “brave” — on Twitter, insults were aggressively lobbed her way; in the span of a few hours, she was called a “racist,” a “white supremacist” and a “dixiecrat.”

“Such alliances frequently leave Jewish students isolated. Groups that have no direct connection to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, including LGBTQ groups and groups that work to prevent sexual assault, have refused to work with pro-Israel student groups” 

Friends, please read this. I’ve been trying to navigate this at McGill and it’s so hard. 

Rebloging again because I want to say this:

My Judaism informs all of my activism. 

If you alienate Jewish students, you alienate a lot of us who are tryin real hard to Tikkun Olam.

It’s time to call it for what it is: antisemitism.

When our cemeteries are vandalized, we say “oh, it’s just drunk kids”.

When our students are attacked, we say “oh, it’s just politics”.

But it’s not just drunk kids, and it’s not just politics.

It’s easy to hate Nazis.  It’s harder to fight against antisemitism cloaked in the language of human rights. 

It’s easy to get all riled up about the surge in antisemitism following Trump’s election.  It’s harder to get riled up about the surge in antisemitism on college campuses in the US and Canada.

But Jews suffer from both. 

You can not claim you fight antisemitism if you then turn around and deny Jews the right to define themselves as a national group.  You cannot claim to fight antisemitism while claiming that Jews are colonizers in their own homeland.

Sarsour raised money for a vandalized Jewish cemetery and she was praised for it.  Now she’s persecuting leftist American Jews, and the American left stands by silently.

Where are all the people who demanded Trump denounce antisemitism?  What are they doing now against the public displays of antisemitism on the left?
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via | Five myths about anti-Semitism:


…In my time reporting on anti-Semitism, I’ve often encountered a certain well-meaning skepticism: Didn’t the Holocaust, with its shocking horrors, finally compel society to stamp out anti-Jewish bigotry? Sophisticated people don’t write this idea down, but it’s one I hear constantly in my reporting.

This is profoundly, depressingly wrong. According to the FBI, Jews in the United States are annually subject to the most hate crimes of any religious group, despite constituting only 2 percent of the American population. 

…These facts underscore a crucial point: It’s wrong to subsume anti-Semitism under Nazism, its worst manifestation, when the centuries-old prejudice usually takes less extreme or exterminationist forms. The end of American slavery did not mean the end of American racism; likewise, the end of Nazism as a dominant political force did not silence anti-Semitism.

…This past election season, the ascendant alt-right, a band of reactionary white nationalists with a penchant for harassing Jewish journalists, filled Twitter with neo-Nazi memes, Photoshopped reporters into gas chambers and concentration camps, and chanted anti-Semitic slogans at political rallies.

…But anti-Semitic outbursts were taking place on the left at the same time. …During the Democratic primaries, Jewish candidate Bernie Sanders was confronted by a questioner who declared that “the Zionist Jews … run the Federal Reserve, they run Wall Street, they run every campaign.” Surveying this scene, TBS comedian Samantha Bee aired footage of an anti-Semite ranting at a Trump rally, then cracked, “To find anti-Semitism that rabid, you’d have to go to, well, any left-leaning American college campus.”

This bipartisan bigotry shouldn’t surprise. Anti-Semitism could never have attained its impressive influence without forging coalitions across ideological and religious lines. Hatred of Jews has long thrived on its ability to ensnare utterly opposite worldviews. Thus, the 2013 E.U. survey found that Italian and Swedish Jews perceived more anti-Semitic statements coming from the left, Hungarian Jews heard them overwhelmingly from Christians and the right, and French Jews reported abuse largely from Muslim extremists. It’s tempting to cast anti-Semitism as the sin of other people, but that’s usually a way to avoid confronting the problem within one’s own community.

…Most bigotries debilitate their targets while empowering their disseminators, much like slavery and redlining enriched America’s white majority at the expense of its African American minority. Many successful societies have been built atop prejudices.

Anti-Semitism, however, is a unique case — and uniquely corrosive to those societies that embrace it. That’s because it often takes the form of a conspiracy theory about how the world works. By blaming real problems on imagined Jewish culprits, anti-Semitism prevents societies from rationally solving them. In one of the most famous examples, Nazi scientists shunned Einstein’s advances as “Jüdische Physik,” as opposed to “Deutsche Physik,” enfeebling their understanding.

As Bard College’s Walter Russell Mead has put it: “People who think ‘the Jews’ dominate business through hidden structures can’t build or long maintain a successful modern economy. People who think ‘the Jews’ dominate politics lose their ability to interpret political events, to diagnose social evils and to organize effectively for positive change. People who think ‘the Jews’ run the media and control the news lose the ability to grasp what is happening around them.”

Read Yair Rosenberg’s full piece, detailing all five myths, at The Washington Post. (But for all that is good and holy, don’t read the comments. It’s a cesspool of antisemitism, philosemitism, Islamophobia, and bigotry.)
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No it wouldn’t. 

Not to pick on you specifically, but I’d just like to say this is a problem I encounter a lot on social media.

For some reason a lot of people feel like it would be “inappropriate” to step in to step up for Jews. I’m not even getting into Israel here (as an aside saying “but Israel” on a topic that’s not specifically about Israel is derailing and antisemitic), I mean Jews WITHOUT the subject of Israel being raised. We are told people don’t share Jewish concerns because they are concerned it would be overstepping. And yet I don’t see many of the same people being so cautious about other minorities and I don’t understand why. I’m sure I speak for many Jews when I say we are deeply frustrated by how hesitant people are to step up for us.

Just to give you an idea, one thing that stuck out to me was that when an antisemitic professor posted antisemitic conspiracy theories on her facebook wall at Oberlin College, professors had to be cojoled to anonymously make a generic anti-antisemitism statement. Anonymous! 

Do you have any idea how unsafe it makes us feel that tenured college professors at one of the most left-wing institutions in the country are afraid to even use their names when defending us?

Please. Speak up. And encourage others to do so. We feel very alone out here. 
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via's Jews Flee As Rioters Burn Shops To Chants Of 'Gas The Jews':



France’s politicians and community leaders have criticised the “intolerable” violence against Paris’ Jewish community, after a pro-Palestinian rally led to the vandalizing and looting of Jewish businesses and the burning of cars. 

please please please spread this around, please speak up about this, please let everyone know that this is not okay, please please please protect my people from a second kristallnacht, please 

Listen.  I love my followers and my mutuals dearly.  You know how occasionally I post something like ‘every Jew on this site has a list in their head of who reblogs what and who ignores posts about Jews’?  I’m talking about this shit.  I have been seeing things on my dash about the situation of Jews in France for over a year, but it’s coming from other Jews 99% of the time.  Please stop ignoring this.  This is literally history repeating itself and we can’t be the only ones calling it out again.
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we – and by this i mean ‘people targeted by nazis’, but mostly jews, because i am a jew and that’s where my experience lies – we did not want to end up in a scenario where the highlight of our day could be some guy getting punched. in fact, that’s kind of ghoulish.

like, ok. i am pretty much the worst kind of bleeding-heart, dyed-in-the-wool pacifist you will ever meet, when circumstances allow me to be. i don’t, personally, want to kill nazis; i just want nazis to stop being nazis. ideally, the world would work like it did in my 10-year-old fantasies, where i could walk up to a nazi and be like “jews are people,” and he would be like “holy shit!!! mind blown” and stop being a nazi and we’d sit down and have a deep philosophical discussion.

but real nazis have this unfortunate, terrifying habit of continuing to be nazis. when you hit them with intellectual debate, or reason, or “tolerance”, or “just giving them a chance”, or “compromise”, or any of that shit. they continue to be nazis, which means they still want to wipe out me and my people, and many other swathes of people as well.

which is why i understand people who want to kill nazis. or, in a milder variation, punch them.

i wish they would stop being nazis but they wish i would die. when you, historically, adhere to an ideology that advocates mass murder past the point of any nonviolent resistance, you have forfeited your right to a fair debate. you have forfeited your right to any response but self-defense that is as violent as whatever you make necessary.

nazis forfeited their right to nice counter-tactics long ago, and jews know this.

there’s another reason, too, why i whooped at that video. not because someone was getting hurt – don’t be dense. as i said, that’s ghoulish. we did not want to end up with our livelihood as a people so threatened that violent self-defense makes us cheer. can you think about that for a second? can you think about the kind of corner we’re backed into, here? it’s not a natural state of being. it’s a place where most people, as far as we can tell, truly do not give a shit if we live or die, because they’re talking about “tolerating” people whose ideology involves straight-up killing us. and so if we see somebody punch a nazi, it’s evidence: that person in the black mask, they’re on my side.

there is one person who recognizes the nazi as a mortal threat, which means they recognize that jews are people. that people of color are people. that any of the groups threatened by nazis deserve to have their fear recognized.

and every time you, a moderate liberal, a white goy, wring your hands about a nazi getting punched, about violent tactics, about fighting hate with hate, you push us further and further into the corner where we have to cheer at that. it’s sheer relief, at somebody recognizing the terror enough to punch back.

so no, we weren’t born bloodthirsty, just salivating at the chance to kick a nazi in the balls. we got driven here reluctantly, by history, to a place where violence in our defense can make us weep with gratitude. you drove us here.

“we got driven here reluctantly, by history, to a place where violence in our defense can make us weep with gratitude” !!!!!!!!!

Thank you for putting this so much better than I could.
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via International Rejects Motion to Fight Anti-Semitism at Annual Conference:


Jews in the UK just experienced a year of record antisemitism.  This is just a reminder that Amnesty International rejected a motion to fight antisemitism in the UK two years ago. 

Hold Amnesty’s feet to the fire on antisemitism. 
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via’m Tired of People Saying They’re ‘Speechless’ When Anti-Semitic Things Happen:


Someone drew a swastika on the sign-box outside of Klau Library. Klau Library is on the campus of the Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion, the principle rabbinic and cantorial training arm of the Reform movement.

I’ve seen the picture of this desecration in post after post on Facebook. Almost every single post comes with the comment, “I am speechless; I have no words.”

I am not speechless. I have many, many words to offer. I am outraged and sickened and saddened. But I am not speechless.

I was not speechless when students at Warren Township High School in Gurnee, Illinois saw the same hateful scrawl of a swastika on their campus earlier in this school year.

I was not speechless several years ago, when a friend, also in Gurnee, posted her shock and rage on Facebook, telling us about something that had happened that night, when her doorbell rang around 10 p.m., and when her husband opened the door, there was a pile of pennies laid out in the shape of a swastika (read about that here).

I was not speechless when another friend shared with me the horrible story of her young, middle school daughter, who was tormented by some boys who called her out, sometimes daily: “Jew! Jew!” They threw pennies at her feet and yelled at her to pick them up. The onlookers only laughed at this. The incident repeated during registration, in front of parents and administrators, and the principal himself. Nothing was done.

I was not speechless when my son was bullied and teased, sometimes mercilessly, when he was in grade school. The bullies were the kids. The collaborators were the teachers and administrators, who remained silent in the face of their ignorance and hatred.

I wasn’t speechless when I was driving some staffers out to the field for community organizing, when one of them regaled us with the tale of how he had “jewed down” the street vendor on Maxwell Street to get a better price on some frippery or other.

I was not speechless when I walked into my synagogue one Sunday morning, when I was 18 and teaching for the very first time, and there were three huge swastikas spray painted on the walls, ugly black spiders against a backdrop of white.

I wasn’t speechless when my mother and I spied a bumper sticker on a car that whizzed by us on the Kennedy Expressway in 1973, the height of the gas crunch. The bumper sticker read, “Burn Jews not gas.”

I was not speechless for all these incidents, over all these decades. I am not speechless now. I am outraged and sickened and saddened by the continuing anti-Semitism that goes mostly unnoticed by most of the world. There are a few news stories that reference this latest crime of hate, that reference the Jewish community—as if we are a different community entirely, not part of the same community as everyone else, as if we are still all consigned to a shtetl away from the rest of the world. As if we are not quite as human as the rest of the human race.
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via Ramp Up Campaign Against Montana Jews — Vow Armed March:


A neo-Nazi website has stepped up a campaign of harassment against the Jewish community in and around Whitefish, Montana, now announcing an armed march by white supremacists planned for January.

“We are continuing our barrage against the criminal Jews of Whitefish,” wrote Andrew Anglin, a neo-Nazi who runs The Daily Stormer website, in the latest of a series of articles about the situation in Whitefish. “We are planning an armed protest in Whitefish … we can easily march through the center of the town carrying high-powered rifles.”
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via newspaper in the US publishes call to "take action" against Jews in a Montana:



It can happen here.

It can happen here.

It can happen here.

I just chatted with one of my closest friends, who is originally from Montana. is what she told me: 

The plus side is that there has been a tremendous community response. However, I worry about the police in that area of the state. They say they’re doing extra patrols, but a lot of them are alt-right/neo-nazi affiliated, and I don’t trust them. The rabbi in Whitefish [the town where this occurring] is amazing, and I’m so upset for their congregation. My home synagogue is being targeted in Missoula, but so far they haven’t published individual member info like they did in Whitefish. 

Given what we already know about alt-reich affiliated police officers all across country in relation to anti-black shootings and other crimes, I do not think her fears are unfounded. There is a chance that the local police could be the once to target the people they are being assigned to protect.

Please share this so that people know what the alt-reich are doing and keep the Jews of Montana in your thoughts and/or prayers.
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So unimpressed with Olympians who think they’re above competing (or even riding in the same bus) with Israeli athletes. Reminder to the Munich Olympics when terrorists murdered 11 Israeli athletes. Furthermore, the Games are a time for international unity and sportsmanship. Get over yourselves.
The Israel/Palestine conflict has gotten ugly on both sides, but I would encourage people to examine the reasons why Zionists wanted a Jewish nation (and still do) and to reflect on the alarming spike in violent anti-Semitic attacks across the globe.
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if you’re so discriminatory that you refuse to play Israel over your own unfounded bitterness then you have no right to be at the fuckin Olympics when millions of athletes across the world would do anything to be in your position.


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