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Marvel has us so freaking whipped, we’re all willing to sit through 10 minutes of credits for 30 more seconds of movie
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Captain America

Created by Robert Bruno
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Like, yes, yes, they are supposed to serve the same narrative purpose, but they are not? the same? thing?? and it actually matters enormously to the logic of the situation for the characters.

Quick and dirty summary of Registration (based entirely on stuff I know by osmosis and from Wikipedia, so comics readers bear with me and feel free to clarify in reblogs): the whole point of the Registration act was that for the most part no one knew who the superhumans were, because secret identities are a thing in the comics. Steve himself was an exception, because historical record and whatnot, and his principled stand against registering was especially on behalf of people like Wanda, who in the comics is a mutant, born with her abilities and unable to give them up the way Tony could give up the suit or Sam could give up his wings. 

So the choice of registering or not was a meaningful one: it meant voluntarily putting yourself down on the list of people who would now be monitored as superhumans. But in the MCU, the cat is out of the bag for EVERYONE. Nobody has a secret identity–not Natasha, not Clint (whose decision to actively hide his family… doesn’t seem entirely unreasonable when you think about his abrupt transition from secret agent to One of the Six Most Famous People on Earth, like, maybe he just doesn’t want paparazzi bugging his kids), not Sam, not BUCKY, who is casually identified by full name as the Winter Soldier. 

So they couldn’t DO registration and have it mean anything: everybody already knows who the superhumans are in the MCU, and everybody knows where to find them. So instead the MCU Avengers are presented with the Sokovia Accords and told to … sign them?


What does that even MEAN?

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Realizing this guy

is going to help raise this guy

Alright, assholes.

I don’t usually defend Tony Stark. But this “Something went wrong” bullshit really rubbed me the wrong way. Wanna know why? Because the “Something that went wrong” was Howard Stark. The man that Tony idolised, and the man that abused him. And don’t give me that crap that in the MCU universe, Howard didn’t neglect or hurt Tony — he did. It’s very evident in the tie-in MCU comics.

But in both universes, Tony was raised by Edwin Jarvis. In 616, he has a father — Howard — who is constantly aggravated with his son, both as a result of his own drinking and because of what he feels Tony should be.

While Jarvis might be sensitive, thoughtful, intelligent and occupy roles that aren’t traditionally occupied considered “masculine” (which is bullshit in itself) if Tony ever displays anything remotely indicative of  a “softer side” he is ridiculed, called a sissy, told that Stark men are “made of Iron” and abused by his father: 

In the MCU, things aren’t depicted of being much better: 

And in the MCU Jarvis, often, tried to soften the blow of Howard’s words an actions. But don’t think for a second that Tony didn’t internalise all of that. That he didn’t think that Howard Stark was the man he was supposed to be, and the man he wanted to be most like. 

Of course, generally speaking — when Tony is the most like Howard — like at the Stark Expo, or during the senate hearings — it’s almost 100% preformative. That’s not who he is, or who he ever was, it’s who he thinks people want him to be, because it’s who his father wanted him to be.

I would go so far as to say that a lot of Tony’s womanizing ways, his alcoholism, his struggles with self-identity and importance all stem from the fact that he is often torn between being the man that he assumed his father wanted to be, and who he actually is.  

If you look at Tony when he’s alone, or when he’s with the people he cares about the most, what you see is the caring, compassionate person who Jarvis raised, and that he is a lot more capable and a lot more loving than his father ever was. And it took him a long time to be okay with that, and with showing other people that that was who he really was

So yes… Just a reminder, Jarvis helped raised this man:

  Don’t confuse the armour….

with the man who wears it.


always reblog the best takedown ever.

I know I reblogged this before, but it deserves ANOTHER reblog.

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Jews and Judaism in Fanfiction: A Fic List


the Drake-Kane seder for wayward Bats by theguywhosavedtheworldonce: What it says on the tin. Passover at Tim’s.


Forgiving Willow: A High Holidays Tale by SamJames1: Willow Rosenberg seeks forgiveness through the Jewish ritual of Tashlich.

Slayer, Not Slayer by dafnagreer

The Legion of Eyes shall rise by jadelennox: When Margaret ran back in, swinging an ax and with two stakes in her girdle, her father was clasping Master Legard’s shoulder.

Over the Line by rivkat: why Buffy vamps seem to only react to crosses and holy water.

Doctor Who

Five Times Nancy Gathered a Spark by brightthunder: The ethical choice doesn’t always feel like the right one. In which Nancy of "The Empty Child”/“The Doctor Dances” saves the world in ways the Doctor never can.

The Programmer’s Tale by RobinC: Sometimes you have to proclaim the miracle before it happens.

Five Things Rose Tyler Says When She Visits Planet Israel by Lanna Michaels: The Doctor and Rose visit the Planet Of The Jews. A “Characters Are Randomly Jewish” AU shortshort

Ushpizin, or, We Built This Succah On Rock And Roll by Lanna Michaels: Seven guests who visited the Pond family succah.

Space Chanukah by iceshade: The Doctor and Donna land on a rebel starship in the 37th century, and, of course, there are complications.


Can’t Stop the Signal by SailorSol: His parents named him Gershom. He was born in the wasteland of space, his parents fleeing the Core in the hopes of finding freedom, finding the Promised Land. And so from a young age, Gershom has repeated the words, Sh’ma Israel: Adonai elohainu, adonai echad.

Xibolai by all_my_fandoms (marina): Zoe was eleven the first time she asked her older sister why daddy was building a shed out back. He’d done it every year, around the time of the grape harvest, and for three days after all the work was done, the family would eat their meals and spend their nights in the shed.Her sister couldn’t say.

The Memories She Carries by Thistlerose: Zoe has a ring she never wears.

Harry Potter

On a Holiday Night by Andrea Rimsky: It isn’t easy, being Jewish in the midst of Christmas. But Anthony Goldstein finds that he isn’t as alone as he had thought.

Castaways by cruisedirector: Harry finds Snape preforming an unfamiliar ritual.

Hogwarts: a History (of Culinary Diversity) by jood: Three educated elves change the course of culinary history in one slightly drafty British boarding school.

The Friday Box by Leela: Sometimes, when no one was watching, Severus Snape went into a windowless room and performed a private ritual taught to him by his Grandma Snape.

Through a New Year by misanagi: Some things have changed this year.

A Face of Faith by ribbons: "In the months that followed Albus’s death and Severus’s disappearance, Remus Lupin resumed reciting the prayers of his childhood, even though he hadn’t stepped inside a synagogue in years…“

Kaddish by Sam-Storyteller: Remus, devout, still mourns.

A Sweet New Year by scheemingreader: Anthony Goldstein was not religious. If anyone would have asked him, that’s what he would have said.

Judaism, Death, & Magic by zephyrprince: A year after the Battle of Hogwarts, Anthony Goldstein goes in search of his non-magical roots.

An Act of Rebellion: Eight Nights of Hope by katmarajade: During the Carrows’ reign of terror, Anthony decides to bring his House together in a surprising way.


Olive Branch by keerawa: Methos recalls the death of his wife and family during the Crusades.

Drabble: Seder by Lanna Michaels: Don Salzer always invited all the junior researchers in Paris to his seder. 

The Victories We Claim by Sandra McDonald: WWII is over. But for Methos, in Manhattan, a different war continues.

Yom Kippur by Teresa_C: MacLeod’s having real trouble dealing with Methos’s Horseman past. Methos isn’t enjoying it, either.

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

The Final Message by seekingferret: When the people of the Milky Way Galaxy first heard that God’s Final Message to His Creation was being displayed, in thirty-foot-high letters of fire on top of the Quentulus Quazgar Mountains in the land of Sevorbeupstry on the Planet Preliumtarn, third out from the sun Zarss in Galactic Sector QQ7 ActiveJ Gamma, the Jews of the Galaxy were among the first to seek it out.


The Eight Nights Job by WinterLochemet: Becca Lowe, granddaughter of Holocaust survivor Anna Rabowitz, turns to the Leverage Crew for help in retrieving her grandmother’s wedding ring, which was stolen in 1942 and is now on display in a Boston museum.


Five Times Natasha Suspected She Was Jewish by AnnabelleVeal: And one time she knew for sure.
And There are Deserts Still by Amy: "Freely we choose, and what we have chosen to become stands in judgment over what we may yet hope to be.“ 
Shofar Shogood by Lanna Michaels: Tony has a very magnificent horn.
Kaddish by Vongchild: Howard Stark – the senior, not the junior – has his name changed at Ellis Island. 
In the Freedom of Our Sins by andibeth82: “Barton’s Jewish,” Natasha announces at their debrief meeting the next day, and Clint swivels around in his chair so fast that he thinks he might make himself puke.

In the World to Come by newredshoes: Barnes was never a Jewish name before
Show You Kindness, Grant You Peace by moonshout: As Bucky recovers and reclaims his memories, slowly but surely, Steve starts with “Hey, remember when …?” AKA the one where Bucky has a family in Sam, Steve and Nat, and Sam’s like "Dude you’re Jewish” and they all celebrate Passover.
When I Put Away Childish Things by hansbekhart: Bucky gets on a Manhattan bound train around 2:30, heading to 8th St. He watches the Lady far off on Liberty Island as they roll over the East River. The train is crowded and people smile at him, pleased to see a handsome young man in uniform. He smiles back, pleased with the world and everything in it. He wonders where Steve might want to go for lunch. What he’d say if Bucky asked him if he’d ever thought about treating this thing between them as real. He comes out of the subway a little before 3 o'clock, and the world has changed.
Day of Atonement by Copperbadge: Bucky thinks he’s got a lot to atone for. Fortunately, there’s a holy day for that.
World Repair by donutsweeper: Few people knew Steve Rogers was Jewish.
Teshuvah by myownremedy: As we come forth, so we shall return. Ecclesiastes 5:14
Landsmen by Domenika Marzione: Project Rebirth existed before Steve came into the picture. And the soundtrack for it was mostly in Yiddish.
this night, different from all others by Val Mora: "L'chaim,“ Steve offers, when the bottle comes to him, before he passes it on to Bucky.
this golden land by Val Mora: She takes a ship to New York in 1904, after the boycott in Limerick. It’s not bad, here, but well, it’s not so far from boycotts to riots, in the end. Her family wasn’t always called Leahy.
Magnified and Sanctified by Pargoletta: A synagogue is a place of prayer, of study, and of community. Living in a new century, but beset by memories of the old, Steve Rogers needs all three.
alav ha-shalom (may his memory be for a blessing) by conjure_at_your_own_risk: Beyond any blessing and song, Bucky Barnes lives. A character study of a Jewish Bucky Barnes
Strong Hand And Outstretched Arm by Pargoletta: At Passover, Steve hosts a seder and invites his friends to celebrate a season of freedom and new beginnings. But he isn’t the only one in need of a new beginning on that night, as one more person wonders if there’s a place at Steve’s table for him. 
Jewish Foggy by anon

from all other nights by darthjamtart: Thor crash-lands in the middle of Darcy’s seder


Going Nowhere by Azar:This wasn’t exactly how Ziva had planned on spending the second night of Chanukah.

 Five Holidays Ziva spends with NCIS by bessemerprocess: It’s seems like Americans think Chanukah is the only holiday Jews celebrate, or maybe it’s just a chance to pretend she celebrates Christmas, just with another name.

Descent (Five Holidays Ziva Spends with NCIS, the One She Didn’t mix) by Hagar: Ziva doesn’t intend to lie, but she does anyway. It’s truth-telling that takes deliberate effort, or rather it’s honesty that does; to say that this is the first time she’s ever eaten hametz during Pesach would be equally untrue, but it would be honest.

The Sentinel

Revelations by Kass: In which Blair observes a Jewish holiday, and revelations ensue.

On the Wall by Kass: Jim and Blair read the writing on the wall

Stargate Atlantis

The Pretty Peculiar Pegasus Pesach by roga: Passover in Atlantis, in an Everyone’s Jewish!AU.

A McKay Carol by amireal:  John swallows hard, thinking something is definitely wrong, because Rodney doesn’t have a third pudding cup to fall back on.

Urchatz by miss-porcupine

Star Trek

The Dedication by anon-j-anon: A K/S Chanukah piece

For Brethren to Dwell Together by cosmosatyrus: Turns out that Chanukah, Solstice, Ramadan, and Christmas coincide in 2258.

The Oy Way by fairhearing: Four times Chekov showed his Russian Jewishness and one time he didn’t.

Dear Daddy #37: Hey, Bro by jessofthebugs: Kirk has big thinky thoughts on survival and strong opinions about facial hair. Passover on the Enterprise is an all-around success.

Why is This Night Different from All Other Nights by july-july-july: "Seriously, though, how many prayers until we actually eat?”

Seder by samalander: For Passover, they share a meal.

Homecoming by shinychimera, Yeomanrand: At the end of her five-year mission, at the end of Earth’s year, at the end of the sacrifices that have scattered and embittered her family, Winona Kirk returns to a long-empty Iowa farmhouse for a lonely holiday — and learns anew that the end of one thing is the beginning of another.

Shamash by igrockspock: Amanda and Spock light Hannukah candles together.


Children of the Wanderers (Rock of Ages translation) by Hannah: What to do when it’s your fate to end the world as you know it.

Rock of Ages by rivkat: What if Sam and Dean were Jewish?

Chag Sammy-ach by rivkat: SPN x Hershel of Ostropol, what if Castiel transported Sam and Dean to the frozen shtetl (or, you know, deepest Brooklyn) to fight the Chanukah goblins that had been terrorizing the populace at this time of year for generations?

The West Wing

Time and the Fates of Men: Fraternity by Marguerite: You’re closer to Josh and Sam, and even Leo, in some incomprehensible way, than to David, and regret has a stench all its own.

Sunlight on a Broken Column by Dipenates: After Josh meets with Breckenridge to talk about reparations for slavery, he and Toby talk about genocide. 

Vidui by Marguerite: In the fall of 2001, Toby went to shul.

Analecta by N. Y. Smith: The reminiscences of a guy lucky enough to become president.

Jewish Husbands by skywaterblue: There couldn’t have been a worse time for Avigale Lyman to die. 

Seven Days of Stillness by skywaterblue: Josh sits shiva for his father

Fighting Words by spitzthecat: Will a campaign brawl mean the end of Josh’s career?

Is That Code? by Waldo: Sam wants Josh to teach him some Hebrew. Toby thinks it’s purely to infuriate him.

The Virtues of a Pomegranate by roga: It’s Rosh HaShana and Josh decides to get festive. If you can call it that.

Filling In the Cracks by LookingForShadows: Various holidays with Josh and Donna and their daughter.


I Lost You When by afrocurl: He was lost, but can he find himself?

even when feeling it not by afrocurl

Habits by Alara Rogers: Kitty confronts Magneto over the dread danger of… rye bread. 

in the world that He created according to His will by ambyr: Charles lights a yartzeit candle for Erik’s mother. Erik is not impressed.

Libertad by ariadnes_string: Erik knew the look, had seen it his whole life, even before the war. 

Der Onheib by Domenika Marzione (domarzione): Erik Lehnsherr and the art of memory.

Brotherhood by helens78: A chromatic recasting story. Erik comes to a carnival to see Mastermind, a Japanese-American mutant with a talent for illusions. They have too much in common to stand apart.

Festival of Lights by isabeau: Erik is not the first mutant in his family.

After the War, Before the War by kindkit: Erik is a displaced person

Declarations by kindkit: Daring to tell the truth

The Death of Arthur by kindkit: He’s someone else now

Yamim Nora'im by Mara: The Rosh Hashana sermon of Rabbi Jacob Bloom, Congregation Beth Tikva. 

The Light of Hanukkah by Mara: "I don’t believe in the whole deity and miracle thing, but the being hounded through the woods for being born the wrong way, yeah, I can get into that.“

B'chol Dor Vador, In Every Generation by Mara: The first night of Passover finds Shadowcat, the Thing, Iceman, and Sabra on a mission.

Three Times Kitty Compromises (and One Time She Doesn’t) by mercredigirl: Kitty gets used to being the token X-Man with the Magen David round her neck. And then she doesn’t.

c'est regarder ensemble dans la même direction by melonbutterfly: Charles gives Erik Hanukkah back a second time.

Straight Hair by Mi-chan17: Kitty Pryde on Jews, mutants, and life.

Remembrance by scribblemyname: He never was a religious man.

Outside, Looking In by Thistlerose: Erik goes for a walk and is stopped short by a sight that triggers a memory.

These Things You Can’t Forget by Thistlerose: Erik remembers very little about his childhood in Germany, and prefers it that way. One memory, however, won’t go away.

Deliberate Choices by tptigger: In which Erik takes Kitty to Rosh Hashanna services, and realizes that not all the lessons he teaches his students are in the classroom. 

Once Upon a Time by wizefics: Once, Magneto was a boy…

Once Upon a Time (2) by wizefics: That boy grew up and learned that life was hard

different from all other nights by metonymy: "This year we are slaves; next year we will be free.” Kitty and Erik host a seder for Passover at the Xavier School.

apples and honey by metonymy: Erik is utterly unprepared to help Kitty celebrate Rosh Hashanah, but that’s not going to stop him. Neither are kitchen disasters.

miracles and wonders by metonymy: Eight scenes of Chanukah at the Xavier School for the Gifted.

Lights in the Dark by Square_Pancake: With Erik’s help, Kitty makes sure that their traditions don’t die, and neither does hope.

Days of Awe by metonymy: Kitty isn’t sure what atonement means in a world where she and her friends have to do anything they can to survive, and she doesn’t think Erik is the best person to discuss that with. But he’s all she has today, here, at the start of the new year as the gates of repentance stand open.


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